December 2015

AP&T receives distinction for outstanding know-how in press hardening

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AP&T has received the University of Kassel's new distinction for outstanding knowledge in press hardening. The distinction, Certificate of PHS Team Excellence, was conferred at AP&T's Future Forming Seminar, which was organized in Shanghai for the car industry in the middle of October. How can the car industry take advantage of new materials and forming methods to reduce vehicle weight and thus also fuel consumption and climate impact? This was the central question when AP&T organized the Future Forming Seminar in Shanghai from October 12-13. The speakers were world-leading experts [...]

November 2015

AP&T making the future lighter, safer and more energy efficient

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For AP&T, the route to future research and product development has been determined. With our research and development, we want to be a world-leading supplier of production solutions that contribute to weight reduction, energy efficiency and safety in our customers' products. After major success as a supplier of production solutions for press hardening of sheet metal parts for the automotive industry, new materials and methods are next. Hot forming of high tensile aluminum and forming of composite materials are examples of production solutions where there is a great deal of [...]

October 2015


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The Roemheld Modulog assembly and handling system brings safe, ergonomic and secure hand assembly to automotive workstations and green button cells. Various linear and rotary modules, some with integrated media ducts, are easily operated via either a small command module or foot or hand switches. They enable the operator to carry out assembly work ergonomically and fatigue-free at the different positions of the component. The Roemheld Modulog system consists of a variety of combinable components for lifting, rotating, panning, tilting and fixing of mechanical components. The range includes lifting columns [...]

Production lines for cost-efficient manufacturing of fuel cell plates

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A new method for large-scale, cost-efficient manufacturing of fuel cell plates will be the focus of AP&T's participation at Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition in Los Angeles, November 16-19. The method has been developed in cooperation with Sandvik and Cell Impact, which will also take part in the seminar. The production process is based on AP&T's extensive experience of production lines for manufacturing heat exchanger plates. The common booth for AP&T, Sandvik and Cell Impact on the European fuel cell expo in Luzern, CH.3D presntation showing a concept [...]


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The very latest 5-Axis vice technology launches will be on display at Roemheld stand B10. The competitively priced pallet vice and the compact MC125, both designed to enable just 3mm of clamping height, will be launched at the show. The new Roemheld PC 80 clamping pallet vice system offers high precision and process safety and is particularly suited for the manufacture of small and medium sized batches as well as for pallet magazines within automated systems. The new, mechanically operated MC125 series combines a compact design with large clamping strokes [...]


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Roemheld’s tried and tested magnetic clamping technology enables die changing on automatic punching machines and presses to be carried out in minutes, thanks to clamping times of just two to three seconds. As a result, the M-TECS range is ideal for the decreasing small batch sizes and increasing variety of workpieces that the sheet metal and plastic processing industries need. This flexible, universally applicable magnetic clamping system also means that no standardisation of dies is required. While clamping times of between 2 and 3 seconds are resulting in decreased downtime, [...]

September 2015

Industry-leading expertise at AP&T’s seminars about lightweight materials and forming methods

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Press-hardened steel, advanced forming of aluminum or composite material? Anyone looking to become more up-to-date on how the global automotive industry’s need for lighter, stronger parts can be met in the short term and the long term will be able to do so this fall. AP&T is arranging Future Forming Seminars in Detroit, Yokohama and Shanghai. Industry-leading experts will talk about the current situation, the rapid development of material and forming methods and the opportunities that are presenting themselves for the future. This year’s speakers include Prof. Dr. Steinhoff, Mr. [...]

AP&T in EU project: Low Cost forming of Lightweight structures for transportation industries (LoCoLite)

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Can vehicle parts made out of Hot Form Quench (HFQ®) high-strength aluminum become a competitive alternative in terms of reducing the weight of future cars, buses and airplanes? This is the issue in focus for LoCoLite, an EU project in which AP&T is taking part as the sole machinery supplier together with around fifteen other players from industry and academia in Europe. Components made out of lighter weight materials introduce new opportunities for transportation manufacturers to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions in vehicles of the future. For the new [...]

August 2015


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Roemheld has just launched an iPad app for its Hilma die clamping technology.  The free app provides access to the extensive information on the wide range of products and solutions available from Roemheld for sheet metal forming and magnetic clamping applications. Products videos and animations, 3D images, photos, technical data sheets, application examples and the entire product catalogue of over 1,500 items are all available via the app.  The technology featured includes M-TECS magnetic clamping systems, die changing consoles, hollow-piston cylinders, wedge clamping elements and swing clamps. Terry O’Neill, Managing [...]

New 5-Axis clamping from only £884.00

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This new pallet vice system offers the top quality and performance Roemheld is renowned for at an entry-level price. The Roemheld PC 80 clamping system combines a simple, compact design with high precision and process safety. It is particularly suited for the manufacture of small and medium sized batches and can be used in pallet magazines within automated systems. The pallet vice system is mechanically operated and can be used for either fixed jaw or concentric clamping applications. All-steel in design, the Roemheld pallet vice is supplied with jaws that [...]