September 2015

Industry-leading expertise at AP&T’s seminars about lightweight materials and forming methods

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Press-hardened steel, advanced forming of aluminum or composite material? Anyone looking to become more up-to-date on how the global automotive industry’s need for lighter, stronger parts can be met in the short term and the long term will be able to do so this fall. AP&T is arranging Future Forming Seminars in Detroit, Yokohama and Shanghai. Industry-leading experts will talk about the current situation, the rapid development of material and forming methods and the opportunities that are presenting themselves for the future. This year’s speakers include Prof. Dr. Steinhoff, Mr. [...]

AP&T in EU project: Low Cost forming of Lightweight structures for transportation industries (LoCoLite)

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Can vehicle parts made out of Hot Form Quench (HFQ®) high-strength aluminum become a competitive alternative in terms of reducing the weight of future cars, buses and airplanes? This is the issue in focus for LoCoLite, an EU project in which AP&T is taking part as the sole machinery supplier together with around fifteen other players from industry and academia in Europe. Components made out of lighter weight materials introduce new opportunities for transportation manufacturers to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions in vehicles of the future. For the new [...]

August 2015


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Roemheld has just launched an iPad app for its Hilma die clamping technology.  The free app provides access to the extensive information on the wide range of products and solutions available from Roemheld for sheet metal forming and magnetic clamping applications. Products videos and animations, 3D images, photos, technical data sheets, application examples and the entire product catalogue of over 1,500 items are all available via the app.  The technology featured includes M-TECS magnetic clamping systems, die changing consoles, hollow-piston cylinders, wedge clamping elements and swing clamps. Terry O’Neill, Managing [...]

New 5-Axis clamping from only £884.00

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This new pallet vice system offers the top quality and performance Roemheld is renowned for at an entry-level price. The Roemheld PC 80 clamping system combines a simple, compact design with high precision and process safety. It is particularly suited for the manufacture of small and medium sized batches and can be used in pallet magazines within automated systems. The pallet vice system is mechanically operated and can be used for either fixed jaw or concentric clamping applications. All-steel in design, the Roemheld pallet vice is supplied with jaws that [...]


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The Roemheld M-TECS 130 magnetic clamping system has outstanding power concentration that makes it stronger than any comparable magnetic plates. Stable up to 130 °C, the system has been designed specifically for the temperature range used within the thermoplastics processing industry. The secret of the power concentration of the M-TECS 130 magnetic clamping system lies in its long pole design, which is based on a double-magnet technique.  The magnetic poles enable the system to build up a clamping force of between 5 and 12kg/cm2. M-TECS magnetic clamping enables injection moulds [...]

July 2015

China’s largest SUV and pickup manufacturer initiating press hardening – Great Wall Motors selects production line from AP&T

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In January 2015, AP&T delivered a complete production line for press hardening to Great Wall Motors – China's seventh largest car manufacturer. AP&T has previously supplied several subcontractors in the Chinese automotive industry with press hardening equipment, but this was the first delivery directly to a car manufacturer in China. And GWM is already planning to invest in additional press hardening lines. "That China's largest manufacturer of SUVs and pickups is entering the press hardening niche with us is a big step for our company”, says Jack Wang, China Area [...]

June 2015

Korean automotive industry growing with tools from AP&T

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When it was time to select a supplier of tools for press hardening, I.S. Tech, a Korean manufacturer of vehicle parts, decided on AP&T. As a GM subcontractor, Korean based I.S. Tech recognized the necessity of satisfying the growing demand for press-hardened parts by increasing its own capacity with additional tools. Demand primarily pertains to B-pillars, C-pillars, tunnels, floor reinforcements and other structural parts. In competition with several leading manufacturers, AP&T received the first order for three tools at the beginning of 2014. An additional order was first placed for [...]

May 2015

Group Rhodes ranked in Sunday Times SME Export Track 100

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Wakefield based engineering Company, Group Rhodes, was ranked 29 in the Sunday Times top 100 SME exporters in the UK. It was 1 of only 8 companies in Yorkshire to be listed in the prestigious league of top performing private companies, the majority of which were based in London.  The Sunday Times BT Business SME Export Track 100 league table ranks for the first time Britain’s private small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) with the fastest-growing international sales over the last two years. Group Rhodes was said to have made a [...]


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When CDM (UK) Limited invested in its first 5-Axis machine at MACH 2014, the precision engineering company quickly turned to Roemheld to supply a 5-Axis vice that would meet its manufacturing needs. MC 100 vice positioned on the table of the Leadwell machine Having installed the 5-Axis machine, CDM found that the vice that they had purchased at the same time was proving unreliable and kept slipping.  The company then approached Roemheld who supplied them with a MC100 5-Axis vice from its Hilma range.  Having used the Roemheld [...]


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Roemheld has just launched a new pallet vice system that offers a simple, compact design at an economical price.  The new Roemheld PC 80 clamping systems offer high precision and process safety.  The vices are particularly suited for the manufacture of small and medium sized batches and can be used in pallet magazines within automated systems. These workholding vices are mechanically operated and can be used for either fixed jaw or concentric clamping applications.  All-steel in design, the Roemheld PC 80 pallet clamping range are supplied with jaws that are [...]